Once upon an island - Green tourism

#8- Mausund (Norway): An island at a turning point regarding its tourism strategy

June 14, 2022 Réalisation et production: Ingrid Blanchard - Mixage et musique: Hubert Artigue
Once upon an island - Green tourism
#8- Mausund (Norway): An island at a turning point regarding its tourism strategy
Show Notes

Situated on a small group of islands located about 600km from Oslo on the northern coast of Norway, Mausund is a small fishing village in the municipality of Frøya in Trøndelag county. About 180 people are living in the village.

Mausund is a very special small gem. If one is coming to Mausund for its charming red houses along the harbour, for a connection with nature and a feeling of freedom, Mausund is the right place. At the doorstep of one of the most important natural reserve in Norway, you may encounter and observe a wide-range of birds in a remarquable biodiversity environment. This incredible environment yet needs to be protected, and a particularity also affects the island:  due to the ocean currents, plastic waste end up on Mausund shores.

20% of the village soil may be contamined with plastic waste, fishing gear and construction materials. Researchers and economic stakeholders have joined forces to find solutions. Some significant results have already been achieved.

Nowadays, Mausund is at a turning point regarding its tourism strategy as more and more visitors are attracted by the island. Does Mausund wish to develop tourism and if so, what is its policy? On the one hand, If not properly managed, tourism may come with its fair share of negative impacts on natural resources. On the other hand, tourism may represent an opportunity for the island’s economy. Is Mausund ready to welcome more visitors ?

Three emblematic guests will share with us their hopes, expectations or hesitations toward a sustainable tourism development on their island : 

  • Kristian Kleveland, environmental and nature manager for the municipality of Frøya
  • Odd Arne Arnensen, CEO at Mausund FieldStation
  • John Linell, Senior scientist at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

A podcast presented by Ingrid Blanchard and Isabelle Han produced by SMILO and FRAGÎLE PORQUEROLLES funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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